Basic Training Membership Results with Carmen G.

Basic Training Membership Results with Carmen G.

Carmen became a Basic Training Member in November of 2013. She started as a Specialist Member ($19.95 per month), participating in the Basic Training Membership Boot Camp at Via Verde Park in San Dimas, then because of her job, switched to a Private Membership ($9.95 per month). Following her personalized fitness program, Carmen achieved outstanding results in just 6 months. However, this is just the beginning of her fitness pursuits. Carmen is dedicated to improving her overall fitness and health.

If you’d like to begin your personal lifestyle change and improve your fitness and health, please log onto and become a Basic Training Member today. With your membership, you’ll receive a personalized fitness program, access to a professional fitness trainer, and participation in the free Basic Training Membership Boot Camp at Via Verde Park, San Dimas.

Enter today and be entered to win a Samsung 32″ TV, our latest promotion. For more information, log onto

3 thoughts on “Basic Training Membership Results with Carmen G.

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